Webmail is a software application that allows you to work with an email account online via a web browser and without the need for configuring the account in any desktop computer e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or maybe Apple Mail. This makes it possible to make use of your e-mails from any location as well as any laptop or computer if you are not capable to use your own computer - when you're on vacation and you go to an Internet cafe, for example. Webmail clients commonly do not offer as much possibilities as a regular PC app, however, they still offer you a range of options, for example sending and receiving emails, configuring customized signature and employing address books. When you set up an e-mail address in a desktop computer program, you have to use the IMAP protocol in the process for those who like to see all emails later working with webmail, because the online client can't display e-mail messages from your computer if they have been previously downloaded using the POP mail protocol.

Webmail RoundCube in Web Hosting

We provide a professional webmail app with every web hosting package that we offer you. The program is named Roundcube and it includes a lot of capabilities, so even if you do not have any e mail app installed on your laptop or desktop computer, you can use Roundcube as a fully functional e-mail application. With a couple of clicks, you will be able to check your e-mail, make an address book, fine-tune the time zone, create unique identities or HTML signatures, and more. You are able to access Roundcube by simply clicking on any email address in your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel or by typing a URL within your browser and entering your e-mail along with the corresponding password. Additionally, you can make a customized URL through Hepsia, so if the mailboxes that you make will be used by an organization, for example, the staff is able to access their e mail using the company domain name.

Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages come with a feature-rich webmail application known as Roundcube, which can be accessed either by entering its URL in your Internet browser and then entering the necessary e-mail address, or by clicking on a specific e-mail account in the Emails area of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. In either case, you'll sign in to a user-friendly interface where you can manage your messages and folders, set up aliases or HTML signatures, fine-tune the time zone to the one you will need, generate and make use of an address book, and many more. Roundcube can very easily substitute just about any desktop program. If you are using the semi-dedicated account for hosting a domain of a business or an organization, you can easily set up a custom URL with that domain for the employees to access their emails, instead of our standard URL.